The KS Family

  • Founded in 1989
  • Integrated Body Jewelry to our product mix in 1999
  • Purchased our new Factory in 2010
  • Average yearly increase in sale of 10% per year for 5 consecutive years.
  • Export rate of over 97% of the total production output.

Our Family is composed of more than 300 dedicated members. Each and every one of us is always looking forward to servicing your every need and ensuring that the best quality of jewelry and body jewelry is always delivered to you at the best price.
Our teams are dedicated to bringing you the best of Stainless steel, Sterling Silver and plated products available on the market while remaining extremely conscious of the health certificates you rightfully require to sell back our products with peace of mind. Find below our company break down:

  • Top Management and board of managers: 6 people
  • Front Office, Accounting, HR & General Management: 12 people
  • Design and R&D: 11 people
  • Factory: 69 people
  • Finishing, Quality Control and Conditioning: 196 people
  • Packing and Shipping Department: 15 people


Europe, in the late '80s was bursting with new ideas and an indomitable thirst for novelty in fashion.
Germany was no stranger to that trend and that is where our story begins. Asher, our founder and, the mastermind behind K.S.’s philosophy, began his career there selling fashion inspired jewellery.
Having a deep understanding of fashion and a keen eye for trends, he began to envision the possibility of developing his very own product line. Soon, the idea became a pressing desire and it pushed him towards his new “El Dorado”, Thailand, where he would establish himself in 1989 and give birth to Kwahm Sampan Co., Ltd.
Starting as a humble jewelry workshop with but a handful of local workers, the “visionaire” was now able to design, develop and sell the quality 925 sterling silver jewellery he dreamed of
while leaving the Old Continent. While success was not instantaneous, his passion and designs started to gather significant interest from the jewellery world. Soon, our little family was faced with the need to expand its operations.
About a decade later, in the middle of the body jewellery boom, Kwahm Sampan Co., Ltd’s owner and founder, decided to gradually shift the traditional jewellery making activities towards that of designing and producing trendy body jewellery items. Asher’s eye for fashion was, yet again, set onto the ideal of bringing a quality of design and make only found in traditional fashion worlds; to a universe that had yet to become the mainstream fashion conscious body piercing industry of today.
By 1999, under the guidance of Avi, who was then GM of the company, Kwahm Sampan Co., Ltd became known as K.S. Piercing and began to rise to the seat of leader in both design and innovation in jewelry and body jewelry industries that Asher dreamed of.

Company’s Vision / Goals

As a key player in the “Renaissance” of the body jewelry industry, KS Piercing is dedicating its full attention and strengths toward providing you with constant innovation, vanguard designs and the best quality to a product that much too often escape from its original meaning: displaying your singularities!