Orphanages Home.

Although we periodically support a wide range of organization worldwide, we decided to support the development of the country that welcomed us and supported our growth. For over ten years now, we have been sponsoring two local institutions that strive to educate and/or give shelter to the Thai youth. On a quarterly basis we provide both institution with food supplies, furniture and other type of appliances they requested in order to properly run their operations. The organizations we support are: Home for Mentally Handicapped Girls and a local orphanage, the Pakkred Home for Boys, both located in the suburbs of the Thai Capital. Although not as steadily, we have sponsored other associations that provide support to the Poor and the needy in Middle East as well as a score of other Middle Eastern associations.

Training, health check-ups.

Our staff, our team is something of a second family to us, which is why we pay particular attention to their wellbeing and their personal development. It is to that end that we organize a set of events aimed at supporting their development. Amongst these events you can find our yearly health check that takes place on our ground, our Yearly First Aid Training, Language courses and other types of personal development seminar that may or may not take place within the company ground. In addition to the personal development programs we also organize company happenings such as yearly parties, company trips and many more. You may find a series of pictures of the various events that our team has taken part into.