A reactive and multi-lingual team at your disposal

While most website today are in 4-5 different languages, but never give you an answer in any other language than English, we have set up a team of multi-cultural sales professionals able to answer all of your questions in English, Russian, Japanese or Thai within 24 hours. Where else can you get a dedicated multicultural service, the best of designs (on catalog or design on demand) and a production of quality jewellery abiding by the European and International standards of Health and Safety? KS teams are here to serve and happy to do so. Wait no more and contact us now!

Our Customers

Present on all continents, in large renowned chain stores or independent shops, our customers have been loyally supporting us for over 20 years and have kept on pushing our products to their customers with passion and patience. For that, we will never be grateful enough.

Thanks to them, individuals around the world can proudly wear our goods and enhance their image at will with the trendiest body jewellery and jewellery products available in the market! Be them in France, Germany, Australia, US, England or Japan we are represented in all fashion conscious countries and looking forward to reaching farther and farther with Your help! Contact us now to know more about our selling conditions, our volume prices and other loyalty discounts! We are here for you, for you are our future!