With its three in house casting machines, KS ensures that your products are not going anywhere but here. It ensures that whatever design you make, or have us make for you, will never be seen by any other manufacturer or retailer. Working with KS is the guarantee of unraveled quality as well as the guarantee of having a 100% safe material. It is the guarantee for your customers to enjoy the best designs, the best products and most of all a complete peace of mind when wearing our products! Being completely led and nickel free our stunning jewellery and body jewellery products are the best there is for you to sell to your customers while be assured that none of them would ever face any health problem. We will cast for you the best of 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, Brass or 925 Silver products in agreement to your needs and request. Contact us now to know more about our quality system as well as to being able to review the production process and possibilities.


Amongst the many specialties that our factory can boast of is our state of the art plating facility. Through this service we propose you to enjoy a variety of high quality plating (yellow and pink gold, silver, rhodium and other type of black rhodium) allowing you to improve the range of products you will, ultimately, propose to your customers! Opened only a few months ago, our brand new machines are high capacity and allow for a very high quality & long lasting plating. You will no longer have to fear to have customer complaining about the traditional plating erosion before the traditional six months’ time. Enjoy the best quality plating at the best of prices on your favorite items now! Ask us now to receive further information by email about our plating prices, plating procedures and future developments.

Setting, Enamel and other type of Stone setting

Amongst the very diverse points that are offered by KS this is probably where we offer the most customization! Through the full use of our Stone Setting, Stone gluing or Enamel color departments we propose you an amazing number of color variation allowing for your customers as well as yourselves to fully display your fashion sense along with your originality. Add to this the absolutely unique designs proposed by KS Piercing and Jewelry range and you end up featuring the most amazingly colorful range of fashion accessories available in the market! Use our skills to bolster the originality that your company is already used to showcase in its venues, chose amongst a wide range of Cubic Zirconia, Rhinestones, Glass gems, Pearls, Swarovski elements and much more to color your range and your customers’ lives. Contact us now for more information concerning our Setting department and the possibilities that are opened to you with it!

Quality Control

KS Quality Control rule ensures that you will never have any quality issues with our products. While confident in our processes, our 5 step QC process forces our team to question our production and quality at every step by reviewing its make and “finishing”. This tedious process is one of the reasons why so many Eurpoean and International chain stores have placed their trust in our products. These processes are key to our success and our unstoppable expansion. KS is working relentlessly to improve the quality of its products at every steps and that is why it isn’t rare to see some random test being ran on “dormant” items either by being worn by some of our dedicated team members (test of resistance of our prime quality plating for example or simply testing the soundness of our designs and the quality of our make) as well as items in production. It is our solemn vow to ensure an ever increasing level of quality for we believe that whatever doesn’t strive to improve ends up in the gutter. Because we design these items for you, our customers, we strongly believe that you deserve only the best hence our going the extra mile on the quality control of our jewellery and body jewellery products! Add up to this step by step inspection process the fact that our metals (as in straight out of the blast furnace, casting machine) and finished goods are randomly sent to International Laboratory, such as TUV Rheinland & OKOTEK, to ensure that the products we are using are safe and fully respecting the International and European regulations on jewellery and body jewellery products (such as nickel release, led release, cadmium content, etc.). We are constantly testing our products against ISO regulation in order to ensure that your demands and requests are met with an ever higher level of quality.